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23 noviembre 2010 2 23 /11 /noviembre /2010 03:22

Un mail que hice hace algunos años. Estaba en Ingles, lo dejo así, no me siento capaz traducir lo al español. Me ha vuelto a la cabeza exactamente los mismos pensamientos después del suicidio de un cercano la semana pasada.


Sometines you remember people and just look at life with a strange distance. Today is windy, a strong and cold wind that chases any clouds. it makes everything lighty and clear, and the sea is boiling from all part, launching seafoam. This was always the same weather when i used to see my aunt, this weather. She was suffering a cancer, it was quite hard to go there, i mean emotionnaly speaking. Lot of questions. Now everytime i saw this weather i remember her. No dolor o no pain, just remember and observing that life has lead you where you are and has left other apart in the trip. World will never collapse in one day, but reversly it ll never finish to be built. Neither actual end nor actual begining. One say you re born a day and you ll die a day, i think we re borning at each time and we re dying at each time and for thus we re suferring. You can search for a lot of shelter but never you ll find the one that stops all this process, cause this is life. I write this and don t now who will receve it, but it does matter someone receve it; does the recipient matters ... I don t know ... does someone say lonelyness ?

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